Mineral Point is governed by Mayor/Council form of government. Two alder persons are elected from each of four wards for two-year terms. The Mayor is elected at large for a two- year term. City Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. @ The City Hall/Community Room, 137 High Street, Suite 1 608.987.2361

2019-2020 City Council


Jason Basting-608-574-6284; mpmayor@icloud.com

Committees: Planning Commission; Board of Review

Ward One Members:

Dave McCoy: 608-341-7526; wardone02@icloud.com

Committees: Police & Licenses; Water & Sewer; Historic Preservation; Ordinance & Claims; & Streets (Alt) 

Mike Wagner-608-574-5952; wardone2018@icloud.com

Committees: Finance; Water & Sewer (Alt), Streets; Ordinance & Claims (Chair); Recycling; Fire Department Committee. 

Ward Two Members:

Jim Rash -608-987-3628; wardtwo01@icloud.com

Committees: Police & Licensing (Alt); Water & Sewer; Streets (Chair); Board of Review; Tree Committee; ADA Committee

Danny Clark-608-444-6308; wardtwo02@icloud.com

Committees: Police & Licenses (Chair); Personnel (Alt); Finance (Alt) Public Health & Property (Chair); Cable TV Committee; Board of Appeals Council rep

Ward Three Members:

Leslie Reger- 303-870-7545-wardthree01@icloud.com

Committees: Police & Licenses; Ordinance & Claims; Personnel; Recycling Committee; Community Chest Rep; Chamber of Commerce Rep

Jay Oellerich-608-553-2324; wardthree02@icloud.com

Committees: Water & Sewer (Chair); Streets; Public Health & Property (alt.); Park Board; Ordinance & Claims (Alt), ADA Committee

Ward Four Members:

Gary Galle-608-574-5503; wardfour01@icloud.com

Committees: Finance; Public Health & Property; Personnel (Chair); Planning Commission; Board of Review; Recycling Committee; Fire Department Committee

David Engels-608-574-4300; wardfour02@icloud.com

Committees: Finance (Chair), Personnel; Public Health & Property;  Planning Commission; Library; ADA Committee