City of Mineral Point Contact Information

 Notice of Public Records Accessibility

City Administrator/Clerk Treasurer

Deputy Clerk Treasurer

Assessor Equity Appraisal, LLC: 608.826.0009

City Attorney: Eileen Brownlee, Boardman & Clark 608.822.3251 

City Forrestor: Joel Hooks 608.206.7292

Mineral Point Ambulance Garage:

  • Non-Emergency Phone: 608.987.2752 
  •  All Emergencies call 911

Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce:

Mineral Point Fire Department:

  • Non-Emergency Phone 608-987-3020 
  • All Emergencies call 911
  • Bryan Marr, Chief
  • Chad Whitford, Assistant Chief
  • Mike Lynch, 2nd Assistant
  • Chris Basye, Secretary
  • Brian Ludlum, Treasurer

Mineral Point Police Department:

  • Non-Emergency:608.987.2313
  • Fax: 608.987.2181
  • All Emergencies call 911
  • Bob Weier, Chief of Police

 Mineral Point Public Library

Mineral Point Swimming Pool 

  • 608.987.2175

Mineral Point Water and Sewer Dept

  • 608.987.3442 

Zoning Administrator: Mike Fenley 608.963.0652

EMERGENCY SERVICES - Call 911 Mineral Point is well served with emergency services provided by 6 full time Police Officers, a 32 member Volunteer Fire Department, and an approximately 30 member Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad.