Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I register to vote?

The City Clerk's office at City Hall, 137 High Street Suite 1 (Old Senior Center Building), Mineral Point

Please visit for more details on voting procedures

Who do I call if I have a question about my utility bill or need to let them know I am moving out or moving in??

The City Clerk's office at City Hall, 137 High Street, Suite 1 (Old Senior Citizen Building) Mineral Point or email the City Clerk at or 

Who is our garbage hauler?? and what happens if I have a question about service??

Faherty Incorporated picks up the garbage and recycling in the City of Mineral Point. Please click on the link below to view their instructions and to also obtain their phone number for questions. Garbage pick up day is Friday. On Holiday weeks pick up will move a day later. Please note that on the Recycling Instructions it states that things need to be seperated. That is a printing error. Recycling items DO NOT need to be seperated. They can be comingled.

Recycling Instructions

Waste Reduction Pamphlet

E-Cycle Wisconsin

Where do I find information about licensing my dog??

A dog license form can be obtained at the City Clerks office.  Download the current dog license application below:

2017 Dog License Application

 Who do I contact about renting a park Shelter @ Soldiers Memorial Park???

The City Clerk's office at City Hall, 137 High Street, Mineral Point or email the City Clerk at or There is a $35 fee to rent a shelter. Checks made payable to the City of Mineral Point.  Park Shelter Rental guidelines can be found at the following link:  Shelter Rental Guidelines.

If I need an Operators License (Bartending) who do I contact??

The City Clerk's office at City Hall, 137 High Street, Suite 1, Mineral Point or email the City Clerk at  or You will need to have completed the Alcohol Seller/Server course to be able to get the license. Visit and click on the training link. Operator licenses are $20 and must have Council approval.

I need a building permit and/or I need to request a zoning change where can I get the form???

This link CITY OF MINERAL POINT ZONING PERMIT and VARIANCE, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, ZONING DISTRICT CHANGE, or CSM REQUEST is used for zoning changes,certificate of appropriateness, variance request, etz zoning permit, conditional use, signs and CSM approvals. Please contact Mike Fenley, Zoning Administrator, with any questions @ 608-963-0652.

Who is the City Assessor??

Stephen Mahlik, Equity Appraisel, LLC is our City Assessor. Steve can be reached at 608-826-0009 or at

Where do I mail my property tax payments???

Property tax payments can be made in the City Clerks office or mailed to the City Clerk at 137 High Street, Mineral Point up until January 31st. After that date all payments need to be mailed to the Iowa County Treasurer, 222 N Iowa Street, Dodgeville, WI 53533. Please call our office @ 608-987-2361 or email the City clerk @ or Depty Clerk @ with any questions.

How do I get an item placed on the City Councils Agenda??

Please contact your alderperson, The Mayor or City Hall @ 608-987-2361

Where do I obtain a marriage licence????

Contact the Iowa County Clerk @ 608-935-0399

Where do I go to get a passport??

Contact the Iowa County Clerk of Court @ 608-935-0395

Where do I get copies of my birth certificate, marriage license, or a death certificate??

Contact the Iowa County Register of Deeds office @ 608-935-0396.

Who do I call if find a water main break?

During normal working hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm.) call the City of Mineral Point Clerks office at 608-987-2361. After hours calls should be directed to the Iowa County Sheriff’s Department at 935-3314.

What do I do if I notice a street light out?

The Police Department routinely checks for street lights but may miss them on occasion. You may contact the Police Department or City hall to report these outages or you may contact Alliant Energy directly at 1-800-862-6222 and go through the automated menu to customer service. Direct contact is the fastest way to get a street light repair scheduled.
Graceland Cemetary Information:

The Graceland Cemetary is not owned by the City of Mineral Point.  We have been given the following information.


Graceland Cemetery was established in 1863, dedicated in 1875. Lot prices on this day were $25.00.  Lots are currently for sale at $400.00  A map will be available Spring of 2014 at the shed.  Burial records were not kept before 1966. The only records before 1966 are the headstones. If a person was buried before 1966 and did not get a marker, no one will know. The list of names with locations is compiled of records after 1966 and names from headstones before 1966. Some headstones are hard to read.

Map of the cemetary with plot numbers: Page 1  Page 2
The top of the map is north (Fair St.)  The letter/number designates an area. The boundaries are roads or grass drives. The area of most, A1 for example,  is about 35' wide by 150' high. You will need to look over this whole area to find the headstone.
Alphabetically Listing by Last Name with plot numbers: 
Email for further information or with any questions.